Features of Academic Result Analysis and Reporting:

  1. Input and storage of students' in-school and public examination grades, with automatic calculation of rankings, averages, and totals.
  2. Support for input of subpaper-scores.
  3. Customization of passing score and maximum scores.
  4. Customization of score-to-grade conversions.
  5. Based on students' in-school exam grades, estimate their level in the public examinations.
  6. Set minimum requirements for promotion, using the estimated public exam level to determine if students meet the promotion criteria.
  7. Administrators can determine whether parents can view specific reports.
  8. Score data can come from regular assessments calculated by the school's system.
  9. Customization of score calculation proportions for calculating the overall score.
  10. Customization of special classes for analyzing the performance of specific students.
  11. Administrators can set connectivity restrictions, allowing access only from specific IP address ranges.
  12. Batch import of in-school and public examination grades, and teachers can also use score sheets for input.
  13. Generation of 21 types of reports, including historical grade tracking, grade distribution tables, inter-class comparisons, inter-year comparisons, and more.
  14. Customization of assessment items for learning abilities, with batch data import.
  15. Customization of award categories and scale of student participation in competitions.
  16. Students can input their own award information from external competitions, which will be verified by the school.
  17. Recording of students' participation in extracurricular activities and their achievements.
  18. Recording of students' personal and academic information, including address, phone number, date of birth, etc.
  19. Batch import of positions and performance comments for student participation in activities.
  20. Batch import of teacher comments, grade table remarks, conduct, and attendance data.
  21. Batch import of students' award information.
  22. Recording of students' medical records.
  23. Batch upload of student works.
  24. Automatic calculation of academic award winners based on in-school exam grades.
  25. Generation of various types of reports.
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