Features of Leave and Substitute Teacher Management:

  1. Recording of class information, including date, time, venue, class, subject, and responsible teacher (up to three).
  2. Support for cyclic week.
  3. Batch import of class information.
  4. In addition to classes, regular and non-regular duties of teachers are also recorded.
  5. Recording of classroom logs, including attendance lists, teaching progress, and order ratings.
  6. Customization of leave reasons and setting of whether to deduct leave balance.
  7. When applying for leave, approval users can be selected, and department heads can be designated for approval.
  8. Recording of leave documents (two copies).
  9. When applying for leave, the system will automatically detect what tasks the applicant needs to do and will suggest potential substitutes who have available time.
  10. If the task that needs a substitute is a class, the system will not only list potential substitutes, but also list potential class swaps.
  11. Automatically suggested substitutes will display their leave balance, number of classes (morning and afternoon) for that day, whether they are temporary employees, and the number of days since their last substitute teaching.
  12. Administrators can set busy teachers to not appear on the substitute list for selection. The level of busyness can be based on the number of lessons taught in a day (or week).
  13. Authorized personnel can manually adjust the leave balance, and the adjustment can be carried over to the next academic year.
  14. Support for class swaps, where different lessons of the same class can exchange teachers.
  15. Generation of lesson swap notification forms, listing details of all lesson swaps within a specified date range.
  16. Scheduling of lesson observation work, allowing teachers to observe the lessons of other teachers.
  17. Generation of various reports and notifications.
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