The features of the Homework and Detention Management System are as follows:

  1. Allows choosing to calculate detention by the number of times or by time; for example, detaining once or 30 minutes for every missed homework assignment ;
  2. Allows setting whether to continue detaining if the student fails to submit the homework again;
  3. Allows setting a deadline for collecting the homework if it is not submitted on time;
  4. Allows setting the calculation method of detention time for students who are late for school, such as calculating according to the predefined severity level;
  5. Allows setting the reasons for detention and related settings, including increasing punishment criteria for repeated mistakes, the maximum detention time, etc.;
  6. If a student is punished with detention but is absent from the detention class, this can also be used as a reason for additional punishment;
  7. If a student repeatedly makes mistakes, the system can mark them as "special attention," and the conditions for this can be adjusted, such as having more than 20 missed homework assignments;
  8. The administrator can customize the attendance status of the detention class and set whether each status requires further detention, such as requiring detention for the "unexcused absence" status;
  9. The administrator can check the details of the detention for each student, including the reason for detention, the classroom assigned for detention, the duration of detention, and the attendance status;
  10. The system will automatically assign the relevant students to the appropriate detention class, taking into account the availability of students and the capacity of detention classes;
  11. In addition to automatic assignments, teachers can also arrange detention for students without considering the defined reasons for detention;
  12. Allows setting restrictions for holding detention classes in certain venues, such as only allowing first-grade students to be detained in first-grade classrooms or only allowing detention for missed homework assignments in a specific classroom;
  13. Allows batch pre-setting of multiple detention classes for students; the detention classes can also be restricted by grade level and detention reasons;
  14. The administrator can transfer students from one detention class to another among the detention classes already arranged for attendance;
  15. The administrator can set a detention class to stop accepting students;
  16. Allows batch deletion of detention classes with no attendance;
  17. Attendance taking for detention classes and real-time recording of the status of missed homework assignments.
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