The features of the Message Hub are as follows:

  1. The Message Hub is linked to other parts of the system, including electronic notices and venue reservations;
  2. The sender of the message can control the display time;
  3. The message can be displayed on multiple specified dates;
  4. The message can be pinned to the top;
  5. The message can be sent to everyone, all students, all parents, all faculty and staff, all teachers, all staff, user group members, levels, classes, groups, individual students, individual parents, individual faculty and staff, students participating in specific activities, and contact groups;
  6. The recipient's reading status of the message can be checked, and the recipient can be asked to report whether they have read the message;
  7. The option to push notification to mobile devices can be selected;
  8. The notification sound when the message is pushed can be selected;
  9. The administrator can set whether a certain type of message needs to be approved before it is sent out. For example, message about students violating school rules may need to be verified before notifying parents;
  10. The administrator can set whether message is pushed to parents' mobile phones during holidays and at night;
  11. The administrator can set contact groups to facilitate the selection of multiple recipients when sending out message;
  12. The administrator can check the installation status of the application and know who has not installed it.
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