It is used to list homework that students need to complete every day, as well as reminders that need attention. Homework has information such as sending date, completion date, subject, hyperlink, etc., and is displayed by class. Homework diary can be set to require login to view.

Features of Homework list: 

  1. Supports text and image input; 
  2. Can use mobile phones to take photos of each class' classroom; 
  3. Batch upload homework from multiple classes; 
  4. Can set templates for frequently entered homework to speed up input; 
  5. Displays a homework name explanation table for parents to check; 
  6. Can limit the use of homework books to certain student grades, such as only allowing lower grades to use them; 
  7. Homework data includes general homework and reminders; 
  8. Homework data can be input with due dates, homework content, and hyperlinks; 
  9. Batch delete old homework; 
  10. Lists upcoming homework due dates for the next two days.


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