Asset Management System


“Friendly Asset Management System” abbreviated as FAMS, is a comprehensive management solution for in-house asset management. Thought state of the art Web 2.0 technology, management personnel shall be able to acquire most up-to–date information about asset of the company. User’s life will be much easier when he is backup by FAMS’s powerfully searching and reporting facilities.

Feature List

  1. 100% Web-based, a modern browser is all that you need.
  2. Bilingual User Interface, supporting Traditional Chinese and English.
  3. Email notification for important events.
  4. Extremely large amount (> 1,000,000) of asset is supported.
  5. Tree data structure for location and category data, most natural for human understanding.
  6. Single folder backup and restore, ready for scheduling.
  7. Every single user action is logged for security purpose.
  8. Batch import of Excel data file.
  9. Pop out reminder for expiring warranty contracts and unpaid invoices.
  10. Role based permission setting plus restriction on cross departments asset management.
  11. Invoice locking for data integrity.
  12. Barcode for easy stock taking.
  13. User customizable reports format.
  14. Flexible asset depreciation method definition
  15. Agile stock taking job definition.

Function List

  1. Asset, invoice, purchase order, budget, voucher, warranty information storage.
  2. Search of asset by any kind of inputted data, search result exportable to Excel format.
  3. User defined depreciation method for each asset category.
  4. Batch update of thousands of asset data.
  5. Batch delete of asset
  6. Batch import of merchant, budget, invoice, asset, location, category.
  7. Consumable items management
  8. Two stages asset write off process, applying and approving
  9. Barcode printing
  10. Repair case recording,
  11. Remarks for asset, invoice, merchant
  12. Borrow and return of asset
  13. Room booking
  14. Warranty Contract management
  15. Easy transfer of asset in expiring warranty contracts
  16. Purchase Order Management
  17. Report type including:
    • Annual Expenditure
    • Overall Expenditure
    • Invoice List
    • Funding Usage Status
    • Funding Usage Record
    • Audit Report
    • Depreciation Cost Summary
    • Warranty Contract Details
    • Asset Warranty Status
    • Asset Usage Status
    • Asset Location
    • Asset Register
    • Written-off Asset List
    • Applying for Write off Asset List
    • Asset Picture Book
    • Most Popular Asset List (Borrowing)
    • Circulation Remarks
    • Asset In & Out summary
    • Consumable items stocking level
    • Consumable in & out
  18. Selectable reporting language
  19. User designed report header and footer
  20. Import delivered asset form existing POs
  21. Roll back written off asset in case of accident
  22. Department and department member management
  23. Batch import and batch delete of user account
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